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90 key Programmable Shortcut ACAD Keyboard

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AutoCAD, PhotoShop, ProE, and Quickbooks shortcut Command Keyboard, or other CAD software programs for machine control or control rooms who can use a user field programmable custom key sequence to increase your efficiency with easy of use, one touch can do a lot. All ninety (90) positions programmable on your desk with up to 30 characters per sequences. Much faster than mouse, all your commands are in front of you just a touch away.

No drivers needed, No new software needed, No software to write, your computer just thinks you are typing very fast! USB output so it works along side your present keyboard.

*LifeTime Warrantee*


!!! Only $299 with stand and programming cable !!!


With USB for PC and Apple

EKI's Custom command shortcut keyboard plugs in your USB port, no drivers needed, no new software to load, and your standard keyboard is operational at the same time. Your mouse is also operational at the same time, giving you three modes of input devices to increase your efficiency. Via Hyper Terminal and your serial port from your PC you can upload a your modified text file and reprogram all 90 key positions to change sequences, or program a key sequence for a different function. A user can program some keys for PhotoShop, some for Quickbooks, or for regular MicroSoft commands, or your name sequence, your company sequence, or any other sequence you use, up to 30 character sequences long.

The keyboard detects your finger optically so no finger pressure is needed allowing vertical use as shown, or you can lay it flat on your desk top, and has a liftime warantee.

No more clickety clickety, right clickety, left clickety, just one touch gets you out of a command and into a new one, one touch!

And positioned between your PC Keyboard and monitor you do not loose any desk space, and all of your most used commands are in front of you, no more looking to the side or try to find the drop down you need. If your not a heavy 24/7 ACAD user having the keys in front of you reminds you of the commands, no more searching the drop downs.

Change the key text and graphic to match your application.

This EKI keyboard can be programmed to output keys and a sequence of keys to increase the users efficiency. Efficiency can be increase by grouping keys used together, color grouping keys and outputting a sequence of keys. Any software program that is menu drive by a mouse can be programmed so the user just touches one position that replicates multiple clicks of the mouse. Programs like those made for film and video programs like Adobe, Avid, Thomson, Sony, and DPS are likely candidates. Or audio programs by Motu Pro, Digidesign Pro, Logic Pro, Sibelius and Cubase are also good candidates. And for graphics and CAD programs like Adobe PhotoShop, PhotoStyler, Apple Aperture, ProE or as is shown on this page AutoCad. EKI also has large format keyboards like the 40 position with one inch square keys that can be grouped in both color and function for easy recognition for faster keying.

Application Specific Keyboards (ASK)- EKI's first ASK keyboard is directed at enhancing AutoCAD, an industry-leading product by AutoDesk, Inc. This keyboard optimizes veteran, causal and student users, $299 each, because the keys require zero pressure they can be used vertically with stand included.

Each of the 90 position can be field programmed by the user with up to a 30 character string per position. Programming is by Hyper Terminal that is loaded on PC's under the program/accessories/communication tabs. So this keyboard can serve many programs by simply downloading the key set for each program, a key for Circle this morning for AutoCad can be a Crop for Photoshop this afternoon. You can control the key pattern, key and output sequence for each application. By using the non-perment Avery 8.5 x 11 labels stock either #6465 or #8665 you can print your 90 position custom keys, shear them to size and just stick them on the keyboard touch surface to give you a custom look for each of the software application programs.

With AutoCAD and other software programs installed in over a million sites worldwide the applications for this keyboard touch every design and engineering and office disciplines.

Application Specific Keyboards are made to fit the application to increase speed and efficiency, and decrease the learning curve for new users. The keyboard plugs in the PS2 keyboard port on the computer, and the main keyboard plugs into it. There are no device drivers needed. Among the array of command keys are 10 user programmable keys that can be programmed by the user for "pet" keys they use and are not in the standard array. As experienced users know (including EKI’s president Jim with 28 years of daily use) it's faster to touch the F8 and F9 keys for ortho and snap than it is to move the mouse and click on the icon. Now with the same ease 90 command keys can be touched. One touch gets the command and the "return". The keyboard lets you jump between commands, so if you choose "line" and you decide to use "move" instead, you just touch “move”, and the keyboard automatically cancels and starts the next command. Being an optical keyboard no finger pressure is needed when touching the key. The keyboard comes with a fixed position stand for positioning between your monitor and keyboard so you don't loose space on your desktop. More ergonomic being in front of you and not to the side. More room on the screen because less tool bars. Great for the veteran user because it's faster and easier than a mouse thus making them more efficient, and also great for the causal user or student because the command name and icon are on the keys. Plus it can be in the user's own language.

Real world application photo

EKI opens the door to other software companies that think an application specific keyboard or input device would enhance their products. One touch can output a macro of multiple characters. The keys can be in any color combination, in your language, and with your key arrangement.

And if a user doesn't need 90 keys for one application EKI can put more than one application on one keyboard.

Jim adds, “nothing will replace the mouse for drawing, or the standard keyboard for inputting text, this keyboard was invented to bridge the “gap”………

For an extra cost option for more serious users there can be a xKey where the x stands for the number of levels the keys can represent, level one gives you another 90 positions to program for an overall 180, level two gives you another 90 position or 270 positions. A user can think of the base level being for autocad, level one being photoshop, and level two being quick books.

The below imagine below is for ACAD, but if you need one for machine control or Creo E, Pro E, CAD, CAE, 3D CAD, CAID, we are waiting to help, just send in your spec's and we will respond!

We do customs just tell us your prefered layout, or prefered Software!

You can print out your own key overlay and add the ions and key sequences to match your software for one touch access to commands in mouse and key intensive applications. Sequences can be 30 characters long.

You can order with this key pattern or a blank key patten, and with 10 or more keyboards orders we will do your application pattern at no charge.

We will do a custom for you for a NRE of $240, you send us the key text, key colors, and the sequence you need per key. So if you have a need for 90 programmable keys on a keyboard with a LifeTime Warrantee for machine control or Creo E, Pro E, CAD, CAE, 3D CAD, CAID, we can help with that need.

AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Auto Desk, Inc.

Creo E and Pro E are registered trademarks of Parametric Technology Corporation

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