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About EKI's Products

EKI has introduced a family of indestructible, totally electronic industrial keyboards, to be used standalone or in our industrial computers . The Matrix Touch (TM) keyboard allows unlimited key touches on a touch surface that can be pierced with a knife and not affect the operation or life of the keyboard. The user friendly Matrix Touch (TM) keyboard with its unlimited graphics, and being optical has the lightest touch of any keyboard giving the user a touch of class that will Never wear out!

We manufacture industrial keyboards and industrial computers to fit your application, both in the number of keys and in the color to match your color scheme. Custom key layouts with hot keys and in any color scheme in one to two weeks. Sample key patterns can be seen by clicking on your industry in the left selection bar under Keyboards: Industrial, Kiosk, Medical, etc. Remember these are only samples, you can have your keys, text, logo's and colors.

The keyboards are sealed and have no nooks and crannies so they can be easily washed or wiped clean. You don't have to wash around or between keys. This easy clean up makes your product, kiosk, or control panel look better longer.

We have two basic sizes, the smaller size can have up to 20 key positions with a .75 inch pitch or 35 positions with a .500 inch pitch, and the larger size can have up to 83 positions staggered and 90 positions rectangular. The larger size touch area is the size of a notebook computer keyboard, 9.75 inches wide and 3.75 inches deep, and the overall size is 11.75 inches wide, 6.25 inches deep and 1.00 inch thick. The 83 position can have the Cirque touch panel for cursor positioning, like is found on all notebook computers.

We also make them in any language, you send us what you want on the keys and we will send you a keyboard, or a thousand keyboards.

When purchasing our industrial computers or operator stations our keyboards can be made to fit your process, then when you tell an operator to touch the F6 key we can put the real function text on that key, maybe Cascade, or Print, or Auto/Manual, then you tell your operator to touch the function they want making the process much easier and faster to learn. Or we can install one of our more standard key patterns.


  • Unlimited key touches - Over 30 million touches per year, that's as fast as a person can touch 24 hours a day for a year, and then year after year, after year. Being an optical keyboard, there are no moving parts so there's nothing to wear out.
  • HOT Keys, macro's, or short-cut keys - A key can do a Ctrl+V, Alt+Shift+C+Enter, www., .com, .net, or a complete URL - like touch a position on the keyboard where your logo is and go to your home page.
  • Braille keyboards with kiosk and full key patterns. Now your Kiosk or ATM can fully comply with the ADA. One keyboard with it's dual markings allows vision impaired and sighted persons to use, and is both easy and intuitive to learn.
  • 2nd Funtion- you can have up to 90 touch positions, and then touch the 2nd key and have up to 180 dual marked touch positions with text or symbols, all outputting characters or character strings.
  • Host Controlled 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Function - as a no cost option the host computer can output a Scroll Lock, Num Lock, or Caps Lock and put the keyboard in the different modes, so now you can have supervisor key text for setup and operator key text for running the process. Or as you step through a process different keys become available.
  • External Switch Option - connections for four external buttons or switches that can be directed to output PS2 or ASCll codes, or change the state of the keyboard. Great for security, keyboard output control, launch a process, Reset, go to your Home Page, or Hot Keys.
  • Dual RS-232/422 Ports - They can be configured to be a pass thru port from a RS-232/422 device, do the ASC11/PS2 conversion, and then sent to a PS2 host, or from a RS-232/422 device to a RS-232 host.
  • Optional Outputs - RS-232, RS-422, Ps2 Keyboard, Ps2 Mouse, Row/Column, 8 bit parallel Binary w/strobe, ASC11 parallel w/strobe. Option to have any key code for any key position. Row/column outputs only standard on 20 position keyboards.
  • Dual Overlays - The keyboard can have a fixed overlay with only the keys for an operator, then flip an external secure switch, drop in a full key text overlay and a supervisor or programmer can change secure parameters.
  • Custom Key Text - Operate your products or processes with names, don't tell your operators to press F6 to Print, tell them to touch "Print".
  • NEMA 4 and 4X
  • Indestructible Touch System - Impervious to finger nails, or any sharp objects, with no detection means beneath the finger to be damaged.
  • Cirque Glidpoint Touch Pad - offers quality cursor positioning from within the keyboard or mounted to the side.
  • Hot Plugable - Unique design allows the keyboard to be plugged into an up and running host Ps2 port. A customer tested this by hot docking the keyboard over 1,200 times with various computers and equipment, and the keyboard is still the same as it came out of the box, A OK. The customer said no other keyboard could do this, and that this was the toughest keyboard they've ever tested!
  • Parallel Keyboards - up to six keyboards operating in parallel at customer sites. No device drivers or other software needed.
  • LED Status Indicators - controlled by the host system through communications link. Any one or all of the indicators can be seen through the key text overlay depending on the customers indicator requirements, i.e., operation in progress in response to a key touched, a pump running, a printer printing, any operation in progress, thus giving visual feedback for key touch.
  • Touch Track (TM) - is like a your finger being used like a joy stick. You place your finger in the neutral zone, and then move your finger in the direction you want the cursor to move. When you want the cursor to stop you can either move your finger back to the neutral zone or lift it out of the touch area, clicking and draging also supported. Should be used only with applications that have icons larger than .75 square.
  • Security Key - Immuned to ESD because the key fits in the housing not through it. Can be switch selectable to disable the Keypad when removed. Can be used for supervisory changes to a process or application.
  • No Finger Pressure needed, the finger is actually detected before the finger touches, so hose it down and still touch type and experience the lightest touch of any keyboard.
  • Silent Operation or Audio Feedback - switch selectable.
  • ON LED - optional if an indication of a power up condition is needed.
  • Passive Key Text Overlay - No detection means to be touched or damaged by the user, so the "Touch of Class" will never wear out.
  • Through panel mounting for a Flush look, or Surface mounting, only one inch thick, or Stand Alone and Sealed Stand Alone to sit on your work surface.
  • Tough polycarbonate (Lexan) housing coated with a hard coat to protect it from chemicals, perspiration, UV and scratches.
  • Power Requirements - 12VAC @ 100mA, or 5VDC @ 90mA. Ps2 Keyboards are only connected to the Ps2 port.
  • Optional color coordinated bezel covers when keyboard is surface mounted, Black, Gray, or Off White.
  • FCC Part B approved for home and industry, and CE.
  • If you'd like to request custom requirements Click here for our form.




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Electronic Keyboards, Inc

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.
All keyboards are made to order, there is NO return unless previously arranged PRIOR to order.
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The Matrix Touch (TM) truly gives your customers a touch of class that will never wear out!

Made in the USA

New Product Release.

Industrial keyboards programmed in the field

A new family of rugged field programmable industrial keyboards is suitable for a wide range of industry uses including machine control, process control, desktop and point of sale.

(Elizabeth City, NC USA) - Electronic Keyboards, Inc. (EKI) manufacturer of industrial keyboards announces the launch of its new family of rugged field programmable industrial keyboards for a wide range of industry use including machine control, process control, desk top, to point of sale. The keyboards are NEMA 4, can be mounted or standalone and each touch position is rated at 30,000,000 touches per year. The family of keyboards include a 90 position and 180 position keyboard. Both keyboards can have a touch pad mouse to give complete control in a compact size, the 90 position is 6" x 12"x 1" with a 6x15 key matrix, and the 180 position is 10" x 12" x 1" with a 12x15 key matrix. In one setting the keyboard can have the normal QWERTY type pattern for servicing the machine or process PC, then be switched to a fully programmable keyboard to control the machine or process. The keyboards can have programmable key sequences of 4, 8 and 16 keys and can be programmed on the fly in the field with no software to load, just flip a switch on the rear of the keyboard, touch a key position, then touch the key sequence, touch the program key, and it's programmed. You can turn a key position off by touching a key position and then the program key. You can have background programmed keys on the keys you are using in normal operation, then by touching the program key, the next key touched will output the background sequence, then automatically revert back to the normal key. Once one keyboard is programmed you can connect a second keyboard and clone the programmed keys to a second, third, etc. Each key also has audible feedback for operator inputs. The keyboard can also be used with a standard keyboard on one computer. Optional external key switch or other mechanical switch inputs can output codes dependent on external switch positions, or control or modify keyboard outputs. Outputs can be PS2, dual RS-232/422, or USB. Dual RS-232/422 inputs can receive serial comms from other equipment, convert to PS2 and send via the PS2 port to the host PC. Key text overlays can have permanent adhesive, or removable adhesive so the overlays can be changed in the field as the key text need changes. Because the keys are completely electronic with no moving parts they are unaffected by vibration, altitude, G forces, and can be used inside or outside.